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117 N Eastside Dr.

Tom Novak
Lakeland, Florida 33801
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Heart of the Father Ministry



Vertically Integrated property management company. Buy/Sell/Maintenace capabilities.

We started out as a novice property owner in 80’s. Then in 1992 Hosanna Real Estate Services was established in Eugene, Oregon. Today we have almost 500 units under our umbrella in Central Florida.

We discovered early on that the property management business was callous towards owners, applicants and tenants. As we value people above all else, we determined to establish personalized processes and procedures to insure anyone associated with our business would feel like family.

One of the first things we knew would make a difference was to loosen up on the strict application rules for applying for units. We have all made mistakes in our lives and everyone, at some point in time needs a second chance. (We sure have!) We became known as the ‘second chance rental company’. As we serve a ‘second chance’ kind of God, we have embraced the name the communities have given to us. Now, some people are still in the middle of making their messes and are looking for someone to bail them out. Be asured, that is not us. We’ve learned a long time ago how notto enable dysfunctional behaviors. Besides, when you get beyond the mess on your own, you learn a whole lot more. Unfortunately, when you set good boundaries with those who are not ready, they think you are unkind. Some of these messy people have snuck past our incoming process and have become tenants. Perhaps you have read their bad reviews about us. These people are ones who never learned how to respect other people’s rules.