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Are you a Spirit-filled Christian whose ministry is in the world as part of your business?

Integrity Business Referrals can help you fulfill your calling to provide for your family and employees while growing the Kingdom of God at your workplace.

Christians are looking to do business with you, and IBR is the place they can find you!

Join Our Group Now & Then Complete Your Member Profile.

Membership - $20 per month or $216 annually plus a One-Time $50 Application Fee for new members – Your method of payment will be automatically renewed each month or year as you choose

Membership Includes:

We meet twice per month; please note the individual chapters for specific days, locations & times.

Please submit your payment and your application & Pastor’s Affidavit.  (Print out, fill out and email to ““).  You will be notified when you are approved.  We will need to speak with you and your Pastor personally, so it could take a day or two. Once approved you can submit your business logo, description and contact information as you wish to have it appear on the website.

After Payment, You Can Create Your IBR Business Listing  
We will email you once the membership is approved. No Listings Will Be Published Without Payment
*Acceptance of Membership is solely at the discretion of Integrity Business Referrals. If your business does not comply with our guidelines, your fees will be refunded.